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1. SCORING- the dart machine is always right; the only exception will be on the last or winning dart. Example: A player needs 39 to go out. He/She shoots and the dart sticks in the triple 13, but the machine fails to score or score correctly. If the dart sticks and the machine was displaying the throw dart message and all other rules were followed, the player and the team will be credited with the win for that game.

2. If a dart bounces off the board, its considered thrown even if it did not score. It cant be thrown again

3. If a player throws out of turn and ends the game, the opposing team is credited with the win.

4. Throwing while machine is on opponents number or throwing when machine is displaying your partners number you should use the back feature and common sense.

5. Always push the player change button BEFORE removing darts

6. If a player ends a 01 game when they are froze, the board automatically give the win to the other team. You may pass any or all of your darts for your turn for any reason

7. A player that deliberately hits a machine & affects the scoring of the game, automatically loses the game for their team.

8. You may go out on a tie in 01 games

9. If the League does not receive any phone call(s) the day following your match, you are agreeing to the scores for both teams and that the player's names put in the board were the correct names of the shooters and that there were no rules broken during the matches for that night.

10. PROTEST: If you feel that anything during the evening was not proper, contact the League Administrator by the following day.

11. If a team drops out of the league before the end of the league (round), all matches involving that team in that round will be deleted.

12. Everyone enjoys going out to have a good time. It is up to all of you to make sure that dart leagues are fun for all. Good Sportsmanship, offering assistance to players that are not familiar with new features of the boards, making every effort to cooperate when involving rescheduling and of course following all rules and regulations. Common sense: make sure your team is on time to shoot, if your team is not going to show up, call the opposing team captain to inform them as soon as possible.

13. When it is time for league to start, a team may still shoot even if they are short 1 or 2 players. The team will still have to pay for the missing player's fees. When shooting while short players: enter players name as usual. When a match comes up involving the missing player, you hit the pass button. NO POINTS FOR A MISSING PLAYER.

14. Players that start the night shooting must play the entire match. If one or more players leave before all the games have been shot, no one else may replace them. The team plays the remaining matches by hitting the pass button when the player(s) turn is up. YOU MUST NOTIFY THE LEAGUE ADMINISTRATOR IF THE MATCHES WERE NOT FINISHED SO THEY CAN BE PROCESSED!

15. Teams with a player(s) not allowed in the opposing teams location must use a different regular player or a substitute player.

16. Any player caught shooting under another players name, will cost the team that he/she shot for, all the games for the night.
All players (REGULAR or SUBSTITUTION) MUST enter their Names into the Dartboard using (His/Her first and Last Names To use a nicname contact your league administrator.

18. Sunday Lower League: A non-rostered sub must have a PPD of under 19 or have the League Administrator give permission ahead of time.
Sunday Upper League, no Rules regarding non-rostered Subs, use common sense.

19. A Regular Player CANNOT switch teams in the league. A REGULAR PLAYER IS ANYONE THAT IS LISTED ON A TEAMS ROSTER AND HAS SHOT IN A (1) MATCH OR HAS SUBBED 3 OR MORE TIMES FOR THE SAME TEAM. A substitute is a non-rostered player that has shot no more that 2 times for your team during the season.

Rule exception: If both Teams agree to allow an illegal player to shoot, enter shooters full name and shoot.

20. You have 15 min grace period to call and notify the opposing team if you are going to be late. You have a 30 minute grace period before the opposing team may call for a forfeit.

21. You MUST notify the League of any matches that have been rescheduled and you may shoot your rescheduled matches on any day of the week if the bar has an open board. It does not have to be your league night, but it mush be shot at the original home bar. If the two teams cannot agree on a date and are willing to split the wins evenly, each team will be charged the quarter drop from their prize fund. The reschedule is the responsibility of the team asking for the postponement. It is to your advantage to shoot the match even if you are short a player to avoid a forfeit fine. IF YOU NEED TO RESCHEDULE THE LAST WEEK OF LEAGUE, IT MUST BE MADE UP PRIOR TO THE ENDING DATE OF LEAGUE NO EXCEPTIONS! Teams are not required to agree to a reschedule so it is in your best interest to shoot your match when scheduled. If the team does not agree to reschedule, you will be charged the forfeit fine. New: There are off weeks set in the schedule to HELP with any reschedule.
22. Sunday Upper Division - *Shooters who's averages are over 19.9 must master out. Shooters who's averages are under 19.9 may open out. Subs without a league average must Master out.

22. Forfeit fines are $40.00 to be taken from the forfeiting teams prize fund. $0.50/game will be added to the offended teams prize fund, the rest is entered into the general prize fund. NO MONEY IS PUT INTO THE MACHINE FOR A FORFEIT.
Games from a forfeited match WILL count in the League standings

23.Sunday: Sponsor fee is $40 per/Team for a JohnCO2
account and $40 per/Team for a non JohnCO2 account.

24. League fees:
A. Sunday Leagues $8.50/player/week
B. Awards: 1st and 2nd place teams in each league will receive plaques
C. Prize monies will be paid out at $0.50 a win, the rest of the prize fund will be split evenly among the League Teams.
F. Sunday Leagues - $20/team to League Party.
G. Wamo sanction fee: $6/Player (any player who has shot 3 or more times) taken from prize fund

League format:
Sunday Upper Division - 10 games of 301*, 6 games of cricket, 1 game t501*
Sunday Lower Division -
Start Time - Start 1:00pm

League administrators are:
- Dee Maas 920-980-9205