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Tuesday night Dart League Rules

1.  In the event of a natural disaster, please notify the President

2.  If Teams cannot come to a harmonious agreement, Please notify the President

4. Each Team must have their own set of Darts.

5. Sponsors are responsible for their teams and their teams children.

7. Players can shoot for Bar owners and bar managers from their own bars after 7:30pm.

8. If a team forfeits, that team will lose all its games.

9. All matches will START ON TIME! with an automatic grace period.

10. Any team starting the night with an illegal player must still win the game legally.

11. Darts that hit the dartboard or the floor may not be reshot unless they were not 
shot to begin with. Any darts not shot cannot be reshot.

12. Going out before your partner’s opponents will result in the loss of the game, if frozen.

14. There are no ties,  Either team may go out on a tie.

18. Please specify players by name so that the players can be recognized. 

19. Fines can only be imposed by the President.

20. A 35 – point blind can be used in the event that only good shooters are present.

21. All teams will pay a Presidents Fee. The President will also accept donations.

22. Players should not pass gas at the throw line. For repeated violations please
notify the president   

23. Heckling, Breast bouncing, and poor Sportsmanship will not be tolerated. 

24. Each Player should have his or her own Drink. 

25. Play Hard Have Fun  Party On  etc