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I Am Your Shue

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Personally I know that any time
you step to the line you can be beat;
so always strive to bring your best game,
and if you don't win at least be
gracious and a good sport!

You want to be a good Dart shooter
Shoot like me!
Good luck with That!


Here are a few tips to help 
you get in the zone more often:

Positive visualization.
 Close your eyes and visualize
 the dart going exactly where 
you’re aiming. Channel the 
positive energy through your 
arm to your fingers and to
the eventual release of the dart.
 Don't forget to open 
your eyes before you throw.

Stretch properly.
 Get your physical body ready to
 throw by stretching your
 finger joints. 

Players must not play darts under
 the influence of alcohol

Have a calm state of mind. 
Concentrate on slowing 
down your heart rate.

The three worst times to throw 
a dart are while:
1. Holding Your Breath 
2. Exhaling
3. Inhaling

From a normal breathing pattern, 
exhale to your fullest until your 
exhale stops. It is from this point 
in time, after the end of the exhale,
 until you begin to inhale that there 
is a 2 to 3 second gap where you are 
actually not breathing and your body 
is ultimately STILL. It is within this 
time that you should throw your dart. 

   Don't over-think.    

Rankings based on League, Tournaments,
and the whim of the Shue To voice your opinion, contact the Shue