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3B Area Darts
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Tuesday nite Newburg league . 8 games 301, 4 games cricket, 1 game team 501. Team entries must be in by Monday Sept 25th. Scroll down to enter online.

Notes: This league will be a WAMO sanctioned league. No matter how many leagues you play in, you only pay the player fee once per year. This league starts around Early Or mid October. Starts at 7:15pm. Min # Players: 4

Sunday Afternoon Random Lake 1:00pm @ Barb's Pub and Grub, Fredonia

< Notes: 4 person
This league plays 301 and cricket and one game of 501. It will likely have 2 divisions again - last year, the top division mastered out, bottom division was open out We'll place teams in the divisions based on the skill level of the players who sign up. If you'd like to sign up or discuss potential changes you'd like to make, please attend the meeting! It will be on Sunday, October 15th. Location TBA

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